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  • Fred Weasley
  • George Weasley
  • Angelina Johnson
  • Cho Chang 
  • Astoria Greengrass
  • Pansy Parkinson

Note: After 1 week of inactivity, your spot is reopened. If you’d like to take your character again, you can ask for it, but there’s no guarantee that you’ll get it—someone else may already have applied for it.

What: Winter Masquerade Ball
When: December 22nd, 6:30PM-12AM (ooc: December 22nd through however long it takes for everyone to finish up all interactions/paras)
Where: The Great Hall

What: Winter Masquerade Ball

When: December 22nd, 6:30PM-12AM
(ooc: December 22nd through however long it takes for everyone to finish up all interactions/paras)

Where: The Great Hall

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chaser-johnson-deactivated20120 whispered, "Here's Angelina!"

Everyone follow Angelina!

Accepted: Angelina Johnson! 

Accepted! Glad to have you! You have twenty-four hours to submit the URL for Angelina’s account. Thanks!

Audition under the cut.

Angelina Johnson (I was wondering if I could change her FC though, because there’s not a lot of stuff for Tiana Benjamin? I’m not sure who yet though)

Hellloooo, I’m Esme :) So, one my closest friends plays Fred and we really want to try get the Fred/Angelina relationship, since the films were such a tease about them! Also, I just really love Harry Potter and haven’t actually been in a Harry Potter RP and this one just looks really awesome.

Para example (from insanelyeverafter, an RP where fairytale and Disney characters are in an asylum):

Pocahontas had never been interested in books. Why should she waste time reading about adventure when she could just get off her ass and go have one herself? Besides, even if she did find a book that captured her interest, she could never concentrate on it for long enough to get halfway through; something else distracted her, like outside, or a new person, or another of her urges, and after that it was too difficult to sit still and focus on the writing on the page.

But yet she found herself in the library, one finger stroking away a fine layer of dust that had settled on the spines of some history books which were bound to dreadfully dull. Her exploring had led her here, and though she knew it wasn’t a place she’d be spending a lot of time in, she did make a habit of knowing her surroundings. Plus, sex in a library? Totally kinky and on her list of ‘hot places to doit’. 

She continued along the shelf, her head tilted as she partially took in the titles of the volumes, slowly losing interest as she came across the fifth edition of ‘A History of Health’. Books she found dull, but non-fiction texts? Someone would have to strap her to a chair and force her eyes open with matchsticks to make her read such dreary crap. If people wanted to learn about the world, they should go outside and find out for themselves. That’s how good, strong characters were built, women and men with a lust for life, men like John…

She was bored now, restless, too, so she huffed a great sigh and whirled round - straight into a person she hadn’t noticed before. “Ugh, sorry,” she flicked her hair out of her face, studying the victim of her unusual clumsiness; normally she had the grace of gazelle. Deeming him ‘not half bad’, she rearranged her expression quickly, biting her lip slightly and leaning back against the bookcase. “I mean… hey. Sorry about that. My bad, entirely.”

weasleytwin1-deactivated2011123 whispered, "fred here!"

Everyone follow Fred!

Accepted: Fred Weasley! 

Accepted! Welcome aboard, Imogen. A lovely audition! You have twenty-four hours to submit the URL for Fred’s account.

Audition under the cut.

Hey, I’m Imogen. I love the Weasley twins to bits, they’re my favourite characters, since they’re always happy and really funny. Also, you have a George, so he needs his Fred, right? :D

Audition: From another roleplay, if that’s okay :) It’s a Disney roleplay, where the characters are reincarnations of Disney characters.

Simon sucked on the last of his joint and flicked it into a bush, inhaling the remnants of the smoke and letting the drug intoxicate him. He stared at the clouds, listening to the steady thump of his feet hitting the cobbled path. These past few days hadn’t been too good for him, but, being the cowardly little lionboy he was, he was aiming to solve his problems with pot and a walk. Millions of thoughts flew around his mind in a giant jumble, and every so often, one would become clearer. Instead of things making sense again, the thought only made him worse. 

A series of images popped up. Nothing special. He was playing baseball with a blurry figure, laughing at a joke he didn’t make, kicking someone’s ass at video games. He frowned, trying to place the missing person. Suddenly all the breath he had was sucked out of him, and pain engulfed him, as if he had just been hit by a car. His father. He stumbled towards a nearby bench and collapsed in it, his eyes watering. It hurt so much he was paralyzed, he was slumped on the bench, gasping for breath. He clenched his eyes, clamping his hands around his skull as if it was about to break apart.

After what felt like hours, he was able to open his eyes again. Instead of revealing the sky, he found himself looking up at two large eyes, so light brown they looked yellow. They gleamed even though there was no light hitting them. For a few seconds, Simon just stared, thinking, hopingthey were simply hallucinations brought on by taking way too much pot. He blinked hard a few times, but the image didn’t disappear. He jumped up suddenly, and the eyes became a figure, who gave out a high pitched laugh. He stared at the man before him. Dark skin, large nose, a mouth that jutted out, like that of a monkey’s. His clothes were scruffy, and his long white hair stuck out in all directions. He backed away, not wanting to be attacked by a crazed hobo.

“SIMBA.” He demanded, smacking his stick upon the ground.

Simon froze. “W-what. How the hell do you know my name?” He backed away further, and began to rise from the bench.

“You are Marcus’s son.” The yellow/brown eyes pierced Simba’s.

“…You knew my dad?” Simba frowned, unable to think properly.

“I know him.”

“He’s dead.” Anger flared up inside him. Who the fuck was this guy? What kind of sick prank was he trying to pull?

“No!” The man cracked him on the head with a stick, giggling with his mouth open wide.

“Ow! What did you do that for?!” Simba yelled, outraged, rubbing where the stick had hit his head.

“It doesn’t matter! It’s in the past!” The man let out a cackle and began singing. At least Simon thought it was singing.

“Well, it hurts.” Simon spat, touching his head tenderly.

“The past hurts. You can run from it, or learn from it.” He took another swipe at Simon with the stick, but he dodged it. He screeched happily. “See! So what are you going to do?”

Simon looked at him incredulously. “I’m taking your stick.” He grabbed it and flung it away. As hoped, the madman chased after it. Simon backed off quickly, then broke into a run back from his dorm. Only when he was in the safety of his house did he realise tears were streaming down his cheeks. Had he imagined that? He touched the bruise on his head. Nope. But it was just the ramblings of a madman, right?

princesspansy whispered, "Here is the Pansy Tumblr! :]"

Everyone follow Pansy!

Accepted: Pansy Parkinson! 

Accepted! You have twenty-four hours to submit the URL for Pansy’s account. Thank you!

Audition under the cut.

Hey! I’m Emily Ann and I have rped as Pansy Parkinson on and off since 2003. I have always loved her character and I feel that I understand her motives, thought processes, and emotions (or sometimes lack thereof).


Pansy Parkinson was always in a group of people, whether she was following her beloved Draco and his goons or leading her own goons around. She liked that she was someone that people feared— a ring-leader, if you will. Today, however, she sat alone in the Slytherin common room. She was sitting in one of the great leather chairs, gazing into the crackling fireplace. It was nice to be alone with her own thoughts. She waved her wand quickly at a tiny piece of parchment on the floor to her right. “Wingardium leviosa,” she murmured as it began floating. She mindlessly levitated the parchment in the air as she continued thinking about the days ahead of her. ‘I really miss Draco,’ she finally said to herself. She let the parchment settle back on the ground and stood from her seat. Her private time in the common room was now complete, and she headed out of the dungeon doors to the adjacent corridor.

ginnymollyweasley replied to your post: Accepted: Cho Chang!

BTW, isn’t Cho a seventh year?

Yes, but for the RP, she’s allowed to be the same age as the trio.

Now Available: Pansy Parkinson 

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