Accepted: Katie Bell! 

Accepted! Wow, that was a fantastic audition! Congrats, and you have twenty-four hours to submit the URL for Katie’s account.

Audition under the cut.

Why hello to you, my name is Ashley. I am incredibly interested in playing the beloved Katie Bell for your trio-based role-play.

I’ve only recently gotten back into role-playing, though I have been doing it for quite some time now. As far as why I would like to portray her, she’s my absolute favorite. I’ve played her for years and I simply feel a strong connection with her. You know those crazy role-players who swear they can sometimes hear the voices of their characters inside the heads? I suppose you could say that is me when it comes to Katie. In all reality, my emotions are really fueled by her emotions when it comes down to role-playing her.

I feel as if I understand her and I can keep a level head on her while keeping her in character as best I can. Certainly, sometimes it can be quite tedious with knowing very little about her but I reckon I do a fair job at it. I would be very honored if you were to consider me for this.

My writing sample is as followed, it is a rather crummy introduction from a one on one I was doing a while ago (as both Katie and Cormac):

"Cormac, shut up!” Katie groaned unhappily as she trudged through the snow, the obnoxious blonde boy riding her heels as they swept through the streets of Hogsmeade. He didn’t seem to catch onto her apparent annoyance though and only continued to badger her with all sorts of questions, pertaining to nothing of importance. “But Katie,” he protested, dramatizing her name for the sake of proving that-even if only for a moment-they were on a first name basis, “you’re on the team, you’ve been on the team since like… the dinosaur days… and you know I should have been made Keeper, not Weasley! Weasley of all people.”

Katie Bell rolled her blue eyes and snorted as Cormac McLaggen continued to pester her. “Listen, McLaggen,” she hissed in obvious disgust, “I apologize that you’re skills were not as superb as Ron’s were and you did not make the team, but that isn’t my problem. Stop asking me for help. Stop being so bothersome to every other member of the quidditch team as well. You won’t ever be on this team unless heaven forbids something happens to Ron.” His brown eyes widened at her rather heated response as they stumbled from the snowy streets into the warmth of The Three Broomsticks.

“Bell, you’re really quite rude,” he protested as he crammed his hands into the pockets of his dark jeans. Aside from the jeans he was donning, he was also wearing his Gryffindor hat and scarf (as Katie also was), a long sleeved shirt that was completely buttoned except for the top two buttons and a thick black jacket tightly snugged around his body. As far as Katie’s wardrobe went, she kept it simple with a pair of black jeans and a long sleeved white shirt beneath her red coat as well as her gloves and Gryffindor hat and scarf.

“I’m going to be even more rude and tell you that I like Ron a million more times than I like you,” she waved him away as her eyes began to scan the room for Leanne. She paused her actions briefly when she thought she saw two familiar looking redheads, both identical, from behind but she merely shrugged it off; this cold weather must have been playing tricks on her or something of the sort. “Now go away, McLaggen, before I beat you senseless.”

“Fine,” he slouched over, “I’m late for tutoring anyways,” and just like that, the annoying boy searched about for this Slytherin girl who was suppose to teach him things he didn’t understand never planned on understanding. Though, he did murmur something unhappily beneath his breath about how Katie hadn’t seen the last of him and they’d finish this conversation later. And finally, after Cormac seemingly searched what had appeared to be the entire cavern, he finally found Shayne in the farthest corner of the room. It almost seemed like she was attempting to hide from him and he smirked somewhat devilishly before pulling up a chair and sitting across from her. “Hello,” he greeted a bit cruelly as he removed his Gryffindor colored hat, allowing his tousled blonde waves of hair to be seen; all disheveled and what not.

Katie’s face had remained a black canvas for a few seconds after he strolled off, the only notable emotion being her pure annoyance. “Of course the git needs to be tutored,” she shrugged her shoulders before searching for Leanne who appeared to… well, not be there. She heaved a sigh, tucking her hat away in her pocket as her long blonde locks of hair fluttered about and whipped her in the face. She quickly averted her gaze toward the two familiar looking redheads for a minute, unsure if it was really who she thought it was. She swallowed with some difficultly, standing in place, before she merely shrugged and ordered herself a Butterbeer. After the conversation she had with Cormac, she wanted nothing more than to spike her Butterbeer.

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the-silver-heart whispered, "I know I justt joined, but it's Thanksgiving tomorrow and I won't be here this weekend!"

That’s fine, thanks for the notice!

the-silver-heart whispered, "this is Pansy's account!"

Everyone follow Pansy!

Accepted: Pansy Parkinson! 

Accepted! You have twenty-four hours to send in the URL for Pansy’s account.

Audition under the cut.

Hello! My name is Mersaydez and I would like to play the character of Pansy Parkinson simply because I love her and I started out roleplaying as her and she’s grown on me since then. I don’t think they they did her very much justice in the movies and I see her as being a character that was wonderful and normal compared to other character’s in Rowling’s series because there wasn’t much that made her “special”—like friendships or her bravery—other than herself. I think that she’s a good character to roleplay as because she seems like a brave person to me, all the while being ambitious and it’s like she knows who she is in life and she won’t take crap from anybody because she’s better than that. 

The day had been long and dull, though it was hardly over yet. In fact, it had barely even begun, but Pansy was already bored with the long, boring lectures and sitting in cold, uncomfortable chairs for endless minutes as lessons went on and on and on. So Pansy, like most Slytherins did when the boring droning of the professors became too much to bear for any longer, cut her lessons short and made her way down the dark, damp corridors of the dungeons down to the Slytherin common room. She noticed that Draco had not been in any of her classes that day so far anyway, so she concluded that he had decided to cut class too. She had not really been spending much time with Draco lately due to his…business at Malfoy Manor. She was hardly one to understand what he must have been going through because her parents were not people who dealt with the Dark Lord. They had not even chosen a side in the war; her parents were neutral — her parents just wanted to survive. But sometimes, as Pansy soon found, it was safer to pick a side. 

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  • Verity
  • Pansy Parkinson

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Accepted: Harry Potter! 

Accepted! You have twenty-four hours to submit the URL for Harry’s account.

Audition under the cut.

Harry Potter comes across many trials throughout his life and I hope to be able to portray his character properly. He has a tendency to complain but then again he never asked for his “hero” place in the first place, did he?

The sun came in brightly through the curtains, beams of light coming down across a dark haired boy in his bed. He blinked his eyes. Once. Twice. And he began to look around the room. Most of the beds were empty as far as he could tell. He reached for his glasses and slid them on. 

"Ron, get up. We’ve got to go to breakfast. Hermione’s going to be looking for us." He walked over to Ron’s bed and shook him slightly. Rolling his eyes, Harry moved to put on his robes for the day rather than waste his time trying to wake Ron. As Harry put his shoes on, he took a small book from his end table and threw it at Ron.

"Oy. Get up, Ron. Breakfast and then Potions. C’mon." Harry shook his head and headed down to the common room. 

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